August 14, 2009

Feeling vs. Fact

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The congregation stood spellbound gasping for enough breath to shout amen as Pastor Crossly preached the New Year’s message, “A New Thing for a New Year.” 

 It was obvious that Natasha was the only one still seated.  This sent a negative message that she was not “into” the service.  Of course it was the assumption.  Truth is, Natasha was very much into the service and the message, but did not confuse her feelings with the facts about her distant relationship with Jesus Christ.

 After Pastor Crossly finished preaching he invited those in need of prayer to come forward.  Natasha strolled forward never looking up. She was already in position when the minister said, “Bow your head, please.”

She stood with her head bowed and eyes closed.  The challenges of the past years scrolled at low speed in her mind like a slide show.  Trying to force the tears to stay within boundaries, she threw her head back and looked up into ceiling and tears flowed freely. In a whisper of desperation that only God could hear, she pleaded, “Lord help me.”

 Instead of the traditional method of allowing the associate ministers to pray for each individual, Pastor Crossly simply said, “Everyone standing at the altar here’s what you must say, Lord, I receive the new thing you have for me in the new year.”

 What happened then would change Natasha’s life forever.  There were no tingling feelings, or goose bumps. There were no fantasy land vision with flying baby angels on white clouds. As a matter of fact, Natasha experienced none of the strange stories that she had heard from her childhood.  Just the fact that for the first time in her adult life of attending church she walked away with a new mindset; a new attitude and a new outlook on life for a New Year.

Perhaps, it seems nothing is changing for you in 2008—same challenges.

Don’t confuse feelings with the facts, better yet the Truth.  You may feel like nothing is changing, but God’s Word is true.  So just change your mind and your feelings will follow!

Since everyone’s talking about a year of new beginning, let your new beginning be a new attitude; a greater desire to just be in the presence of the Lord and experience the peace of God that will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus. Read Philippians 4:7

“JUST BE” (LIVE) FOR THE PRAISE OF HIS GLORY.  The fact is that what He wants; that’s what He planned before the foundation of the world. READ EPHESIANS 1:11



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